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Homemade Toothpaste and Baking Soda

25 July

Using baking soda as a cleaning product may seem a little odd, but it’s actually a common ingredient in many brands of toothpaste. It’s made of sodium bicarbonate that is an alkaline, which is also mildly abrasive; however, don’t confuse it with baking powder which has had other ingrediants added to assist with baking. It […]

Helping an elderly relative deal with personal hygiene issues

20 July

It can be a delicate topic to bring up with an elderly relative, but maintaining personal hygiene is an important part of staying healthy and independent as long as possible. Poor hygiene can lead to a range of issues including skin infections and rashes, as well as helping to transmit illness if food preparation is […]

Diabetic Vascular Disease: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment Options

21 June

If you have poorly controlled type 2 diabetes, you’re susceptible to developing diabetic vascular disease. This is a serious condition that causes your arteries to harden, which can lead to high blood pressure. Hardened arteries can also force blood vessels to grow abnormally in order to cope with the additional strain placed on them. Here’s […]

Teeth-Cleaning Tips for your Children

31 May

Whenever children visit a dental clinic the dentist will mention that they should regularly brush their teeth especially if they are showing signs of tooth decay. Keeping your children’s pearly whites sparkling has more to do with habit than having the best dentist. Here are some tips on teeth-cleaning that may be useful.  Choosing a […]

What Is Home Micro-Needling and How to Avoid Infection?

16 May

Microneedling treatments have been proven to be a useful tool in the battle against ageing skin for some time now. A rich range of needling devices are available online at reasonable prices and are used for a variety of complaints. They can treat many problems, the most common being scarring, loose skin, cellulite reduction, wrinkles, […]

Unnatural Geographic: 4 Ways to Navigate Your Way Out of Geographic Tongue

21 April

Geographic tongue (otherwise known as benign migratory glossitis) is a harmless yet bizarre oral condition which causes your tongue to resemble a satellite image of Earth. This is due to increased sensitivity and inflammation of the raised bumps on your tongue’s surface (the papillae). And when this happens, red and white patches can form on […]

What are some common causes of chronic back pain?

17 March

Back pain is something nearly everyone has experienced at least once in their lifetime. However, with chronic back pain, it is something else entirely. This is not short-term pain that goes away with some pain relievers. It is often debilitating, severe pain that has you crying because of how frustrating it can be. By finding […]

Eye Conditions to Look Out For When Visiting an Optometrist

23 February

It is so very important that you get your eyes checked regularly by an eye doctor, also known as an optometrist, for a number of reasons. You always want to be sure that you are seeing 20/20, have healthy eyes and that you are wearing the proper glasses or contacts if your vision is less […]

Heel Pain? Here Are 5 Remedies You Should Definitely Try

11 February

Heel pain, also referred to as plantar fasciitis, can cause those affected a great deal of distress. Chronic cases can even hinder movement and make it difficult for one to go about their normal duties. As such, it helps to have remedies that one can turn to for relief. Thankfully, remedies are in abundance when […]

Natural Remedies for Nodular Acne

25 January

Nodular acne occurs when one’s facial glands are blocked. The blockage of these glands could happen due to a number of reasons. The most common cause of the blockage is when one’s skin produces excessive sebum. Once bacteria are trapped in these glands, they begin to start growing and they form nodules. There are an […]